VIP Faces is the premier choice for makeup services in Elgin, IL and surrounding area. Our clients love us because we not only offer application services for special events, but we also teach application and perform makeovers individually. Whether you are looking for bridal makeup, beauty pageant glamour, or a personal makeover, we've got you covered! 

Makeup application is so wide-reaching, and all-encompassing, and varies from the very basics of putting some tinted moisturizer and lip balm on, all the way to prepping a perfect complexion and glamorous eye detail for a fashion show or photoshoot. No matter what you are looking for, we can do it!

We take a lot of pride in our application, and will always ensure you have the flawless, perfect look, every time. 

Work with us to decide on the look you want, and we will craft that look for you. Your satisfaction is our utmost desire, and we will change whatever you would like, until you smile back at that mirror!

If you are in our service areas, please contact us for availability.